About Us

Citadel Arts Group, producers of Citadel Goes Viral, was founded in 1995 to develop new plays especially by older writers. Citadel has taken live theatre into a variety of venues, including community centres, residential homes, school and theatres, and presented plays at Edinburgh and Leith Festivals. For more information about our living memory and theatre work see our links page.

Previous audio productions by Citadel Arts Group

The Story of Leith (2016) 

Was a historical soundscape walk around Leith. Through the use of binaural audio recording the walkers experienced an immersive audio experience of Leith's historic events. The scenes on the walk were researched and scripted by members of the WEA Playwrights Workshop led by Liz Hare.

The Trinity House Soundscape (2017)

Was based in Trinity House Maritime Museum and South Leith Parish Church. The scenes were inspired by important historical events connected to the museum and surrounding area; a few items in its collection; the graves in South Leith Parish Churchyard, and the interior of the church itself.

Sounds from the Underground (2018)

  A binaural soundscape set in the vaults of Trinity House Museum, using a witch's curse echoing through the dark history of Leith - and beyond.

Abbeyhill Primary School Soundscape (2019) 

Citadel Arts Group as the drama group-in-residence created a binaural soundscape with the pupils to explore the history of the school  and the Abbeyhill Area.