Citadel Goes Viral

Hi! This is Citadel Arts Group, a Leith based theatre company dedicated to giving a voice to older people. When the Covid virus hit the country, all our projects had to go on hold. That when we turned to Zoom and we gave our playwrights group the challenge of creating short audio scripts for Citadel to record using the new technology- well, new to us anyway!

Leithers One Family

Citadel Art Group's new series of 10 minute audio plays are all based on separate chapters from William Haddow's popular historic novel 'Leithers One Family'. The eleven audio dramas follow the fictitious Preston family of Leith through plague, war and poverty from the 14th to 21st centuries.

11. The Little Pearl

‘The Little Pearl’ adapted by Rhona McAdam, featured: Veronica Preston played by Debbie Whyte, Anne McGregor by Laverne Edmonds and Billy Preston by Alec Westwood. The Headmaster and the Minister were played by Mark Kydd, and the Satnav by Alec Westwood.

The fiddle music was played by Laure Paterson, and the piano and organ were played by Maggie Mina. The sound engineer was Allan Rhynas. ‘The Little Pearl’ was directed by Mark Kydd.

This is the final play in the series 'Leithers One Family'.

Citadel Arts Group - comments on audio plays welcome

10. The Aliens

The Aliens adapted by Laure Paterson and featured: Ma Preston - Deborah Whyte, Lizzie Preston - Alison MacFarlane, George Preston - Anthony O'Neil, Gina Ricci - Andrea McKenzie, Mrs Ricci - Hilary Spiers, Radio Broadcaster / Police Sergeant - Adam Tomkins

Director/Sound Designer - Adam Tomkins, Fiddle - Laure Paterson

Thanks to Dr Wendy Ugolini, Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh & Co-founder of the WWII Network Scotland for her advice.

The Little Pearl by Rona Macadam, the final play in the series "Leithers One Family", can be heard on 8th August.  

9. The Bank

'The Bank’ adapted by John Lamb features as  Annette Braithwaite - Debbie Cannon, Ella Braithwaite - Hesther Owenhill, Albert Haddington - Alec Westwood, Alexander Preston - James Bryce. Original music by James Bryce, Fiddle - Laure Paterson. Direction and Sound Design by Adam Tomkins.  'Aliens' by Laure Paterson, the 10th play in the series 'Leithers One Family', can be heard on 28th July.

8. The Fishwives

'The Fishwives’ by Lizzie MacLean features as Jeanie - Alison McFarlane, Lizzie - Nicola Roy, Jamie - Sandy Jack, Alexander - Sean Fitzpatrick. Other parts played by Mark Kydd, Sandy Jack and Sean Fitzpatrick

Music by Laure Paterson. Fishwives’ songs sung by Sophia Abrahamsen of the Newhaven Choir. Sound engineer was Allan Rhynas, and the play was directed by Mark Kydd.

 'The Bank' by John Lamb, the 9th play in the series 'Leithers One Family', can be heard on 4th July.

7. The Highlanders

'The Highlanders' adapted by Jim Brown features Gregor Firth, Ronan Doyle, James Sutherland, James Bryce, Alec Westwood and Tony Greengrass. Bagpipe music played by Bob Lawson and fiddle by Laure Paterson. Direction and sound design by Adam Tomkins. 'The Fishwives' by Lizzie MacLean, the 8th play in the series 'Leithers One Family', can be heard on 13th June.

6. The Races

The Races adapted by Alan Mountford and features Chelsea Grace, Elizabeth Millbank, Michael Daviot, Alec Westwood, Ronan Doyle, Alison McFarlane.  Direction and Sound Design by Adam Tomkins. Music by Laure Paterson and James Bryce.  The 7th play in the series will be "The Highlanders"  by Jim Brown and can be heard on the 30th May. 

5. The Gibbet

The Gibbet adapted by Pamela Hanlon and features Andrea McKenzie, Michael Francis, Audrey Jenkinson, James Sutherland, Deborah Whyte and Vince Maguire. Music by Laure Paterson. Sound Design by Stewart Emm.  Directed by Liz Hare. The 6th play in the series will be "The Races" by Alan Mountford and can be heard on the 16th May.

4. Unwelcome Visitor   

Unwelcome Visitor adapted by Elaine Campbell, and features, Laverne Edmonds, Andrea McKenzie, Sean Fitzpatrick, Audrey Jenkinson, James Sutherland, Michael Francis, and Jemima Sinclair. Music by Laure Paterson. Sound Design by Stewart Emm. Directed by Liz Hare. The 5th play in the series will be "The Gibbet" by Pamela Hanlon and can be heard on the 9th May.

3. The Ships

The Ships  Adapted by Barbara Munro featured Sandy Jack, James Bryce, Alison MacFarlane, Gregor Davidson, Alec Westwood and James Sutherland. Direction and Sound Design by Adam Tomkins. Music by Laure Paterson. The 4th play in the series will be "Unwelcome Visitors" by Elaine Campbell and can be heard on the 25th April.

2. The Preceptory

THE PRECEPTORY adapted by Susan Chaney, and features, Adam Tomkins, Sean Fitzpatrick, Audrey Jenkinson, Stephanie Falls and Alec Westwood. Music by Laure Paterson, Sound Design by Stewart Emm, and directed by Liz Hare. The next play in the series, The Ships by Barbara Munro will be broadcast on 11th April.

1. The Betrayal          

 'The Betrayal' adpted by Hilary Spiers, featuring Gregor Davidson, Estrid Barton, Alec Westwood, Sandy Jack and James Sutherland. Direction and Sound Design by Adam Tomkins. Music by Laure Paterson.

Previous Audio Productions

Three Craws

It’s tough being a young crow, figuring out relationships, finding your identity, worrying about the planet.  Three Craws was written by Rhona McAdam, and features Lewis Gribben, Gregor Davidson, Alison MacFarlane and Sean Fitzpatrick. Music by Sally Thomas (Flute) and Laure Paterson (Fiddle), Sound Design by Adam Tomkins, and directed by Liz Hare.

Citadel Arts Group is supported by the Robertson Trust.

Lockdown Christmas

 Lockdown Christmas by Vincent Maguire is the second audio production by the Chat 'N' Chew Drama Company based in Croft an Righ, a Viewpoint Housing Association complex for older people. The play is performed by the tenants assisted by professional actors, Sian Fiddimore and Adam Tomkins. Music is by Al Clement, sound design by Stewart Emm and the play is directed by Liz Hare.

Exploring the Depths

Exploring The Depths was written by Jim Brown of the Citadel Arts Group as a theatrical play for young adults.
It is a dramatisation of life on the Fisheries Research Vessel (FRV) Explorer, based on the memories of crew members and scientists who served on the vessel. Now known as the Steam Ship (SS) Explorer, the vessel is currently undergoing preservation and restoration at Leith Docks by The SS Explorer Preservation Society

Find More About the Explorer 

An illustrated living memories book which captures Explorer crew & staff interviews, is still available for those really interested in the research vessel. Cost £7 plus £2 p&p. Contact Liz Hare at

Home Comfort

'Home Comfort' by Vincent Maguire is performed by Citadel's 'Chat 'N' Chew Theatre Company'. They are a group of tenants from Croft an Righ, a Viewpoint Housing Association complex for older people in Abbeyhill. They shared the stories on which the play is based and read the parts in the play, with the support of actor Adam Tomkins. Visit the Chat 'N' Chew Theatre Company Facebook page for more details of the project.

Beyond the Ash Tide - Episode 3

Episode 3 of 'Beyond the Ash Tide' by Susan Chaney. Cat and Milly continue their quest for Mr Bettans' farm. Does the past hold secrets which will heal the pain they both feel? Cat was played by Audrey Jenkinson and Milly by Debbie Cannon. The parts of Mr Bettans and Roger were taken by Adam Tomkins and the Bal Maiden and Mother by Suzanne Dance.

Beyond the Ash Tide- episode 2

Episode 2 of 'Beyond the Ash Tide' by Susan Chaney. Although Cat and Milly's memories prove unreliable, they manage to share some confidences for the first time.

The play Beyond the Ash Tide is supported by The National Lottery Awards for All Scotland, the William Syson Foundation and the Robertson Trust.

Beyond the Ash Tide - Episode 1

Episode 1: 'Beyond the Ash Tide' by Susan Chaney with Suzanne Dance, Debbie Canon, Audrey Jenkinson and Adam Tomkins. The play is set in Cornwall past and present. Sisters Cat and Milly revisit childhood haunts while all around hover echoes from their difficult childhood and the more distant history of Cornwall, when women called Bal Maidens worked in the tin mines. The sound editor is Stewart Emm and the play was directed by Liz Hare. The musicians are Laure Paterson, violin, and Sally Thomas, flute. Announcer Jodie Lawrance.

5. The Old Normal

THE OLD NORMAL by Carolyn Lincoln with Charles Donnelly and Mark Kydd. Even before lockdown, many older people experience loneliness, even if they’re living with their father – or perhaps that’s why life is so trying!

6. Planet Gliese 589

PLANET GLIESE 589 by John Lamb with Alison MacFarlane, Gregor Davidson and Mark Kydd. With no vaccine against the virus and climate change out of control, scientists explore space for a safe place.

4. The Walk

The Walk by Elaine Campbell with Elizabeth Millbank, 82-year-old Dina takes her allowed exercise by walking through the crazy streets of Edinburgh's West End 

3. Hard Travelling

Hard Travelling by James Brown with Charlie West, Debbie Cannon, Gregor Davidson and Kirsty Punton. Lots of men talk to their cars but not many have a Citroen van that answers back!

2. Leaving This Shore

 Leaving This Shore  by Vincent Maguire  with Adam Tomkins, Laverne Edmonds, Ryaan Ali and Charles Donnelly. West coast fisherman, Donald, has to cope with a painful and momentous change in his life

1. Duchess of Kirkcaldy

The Duchess of Kirkcaldy by Alan Mountford with Mark Kydd. A man awaits a train at Aberdour Station. He remembers the woman he loved - and a Beatles song.